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Salvia/Salvinorin IV [14 Nov 2009|11:17pm]

I am watching the FOX show "Fringe" and they injected a woman with salvia (assumably salvinorin A extract). I have only ever smoked salvia and I have never heard of it being used intravenously. Since it has to be very hot to activate, it would seem that an injection would be useless. Though I would not be comfortable giving myself an IV injection (I take IM medication but that's much safer and easier), especially of something of dubious quality, I am curious academically -- can salvinorin be taken in this manner or are the FOX writers just pulling this out of their ass in order to give a more medical feel to the experiment and not show someone smoking it out of a hash pipe?
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Tips for Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds? [05 Feb 2009|10:11am]

I'm planning on giving Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds a second try on monday, to coincide with the penumbral eclipse. The first time was incredible, which I documented here: http://a-renunciation.livejournal.com/125124.html

I'm hoping to achieve an equal if not better result this time around, and would appreciate any techniques you might have. This time I plan on using rainwater and fresh lime juice to extract the powder, and I'm considering letting it steep for a full 7 hours. I'm also going to detox and fast beforehand. Does this sound like a good idea? Any suggestions are welcome!
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Minnesota to criminalize Salvia? [05 Feb 2009|11:58am]

Minnesota lawmakers are looking to add another drug to the list of targets in the war on drugs. A bipartisan bill (HF 484) is up for consideration in the Minnesota House that would make Salvia divinorum, frequently called Salvia, a Schedule I controlled substance in Minnesota, making sales and possession of the plant a crime. Ironically, the plant that would be labeled an illegal drug is showing promise in the medical community as a potential treatment for drug addiction.

Article here.
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Bill to Ban Salvia Divinorum in Maryland [MD] Help me fight back! [17 Jan 2009|11:17pm]

On January 14, 2009, Senator Richard Colburn (R) introduced Senate Bill 9 to the Maryland State Legislature. If enacted, this bill would make Salvia divinorum a Schedule I controlled substance in that state. The text only mentions Salvia divinorum it does not mention salvinorin A.
                    Source: http://www.sagewisdom.org/legalstatus.html

I have already made a similar post about this issue on the the Shroomery.Org forums and the SalviaSource.Org forums and after receiving advice, have decided to raise alarm about this issue in attempts to gain backing in contacting State Legislature in stopping this Bill from banning the entheogenic herb Salvia Divinorum.

We have until the meeting on Tuesday, January 27 to fight this issue before it leaves the Committee level!

Simplified versions of the situation regarding these bills can be found here:

House: http://mlis.state.md.us/2009rs/billfile/hb0008.htm
Senate: http://mlis.state.md.us/2009rs/billfile/SB0009.htm

These bills are sponsored by:
Republican, District 37B, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico Counties

      House Office Building, Room 216
      6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
      (410) 841-3429, (301) 858-3429
      1-800-492-7122, ext. 3429 (toll free)
      e-mail: jeannie.haddaway@house.state.md.us
      fax: (410) 841-3523, (301) 858-3523

      32 South Washington St., Suite 1, Easton, MD 21601
      (410) 820-8043; fax: (410) 820-8759

Republican, District 37B, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, & Wicomico Counties

      House Office Building, Room 213
      6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
      (410) 841-3343, (301) 858-3343
      1-800-492-7122, ext. 3343 (toll free)
      e-mail: adelaide.eckardt@house.state.md.us
      fax: (410) 841-3299, (301) 858-3299

      601 Locust St., Suite 202, Cambridge, MD 21613 - 1012
      (410) 221-6561; fax: (410) 221-6561

Republican, District 37, Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot & Wicomico Counties

      James Senate Office Building, Room 315
      11 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
      (410) 841-3590, (301) 858-3590
      1-800-492-7122, ext. 3590 (toll free)
      e-mail: richard.colburn@senate.state.md.us
      fax: (410) 841-3087, (301) 858-3087

      Dorchester County:
      5210 Heron Road, Cambridge, MD 21613
      (410) 228-1137; fax: (410) 376-3737

      Talbot County: (410) 819-3337

I apologize if I am going about spreading information about this issue the wrong way, but I honestly don't know much about trying to fight back against legislation. What I DO know is that if these bills pass many innocent Maryland citizens will be wrongfully incarcerated for an unharmful entheogen. I and thousands of others use Salvia Divinorum for an entheogenic (spiritual) purpose! Salvia is not a party drug, not addictive, and has medicinal and therapeutic potential which out-rules it from being a Schedule I substance. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE AND A VIOLATION OF OUR RIGHTS! Help me contact Maryland legislature and fight back against this redicolous "War on Drugs" and violation of our rights.

Please fellow Salvia enthusiasts, I can only do so much on my own. I need your help in making sure no more of our rights are stripped away... Thank you and I apologize if I have gone about posting this in the wrong way. I am in the process of sending out e-mails to NORML, DPA, ASA and MPP.

Official drafts of these bills can be found here:
For House: http://mgasearch.state.md.us/data/2009rs/bills_noln/hb/fhb0008.pdf#xml=http://mgasearch.state.md.us/search97cgi/s97is.dll?action=View&VdkVgwKey=j%3A

For Senate: http://mgasearch.state.md.us/data/2009rs/bills_noln/sb/fsb0009.pdf#xml=http://mgasearch.state.md.us/search97cgi/s97is.dll?action=View&VdkVgwKey=j%3A
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Salvia Research Study [07 Dec 2008|12:56am]

The University of California San Francisco researchers are recruiting individuals with knowledge of Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A for a brief, anonymous web-based survey. No personal identifying information, electronic or otherwise will be collected. The survey takes approximately 7 minutes to complete.  

Information is available at:  




Participant Eligibility:

- 18 years of age or older               

- Have used Salvia divinorum or substances containing Salvinorin A


California Poison Control System                    

UCSF CHR Approved, HIPAA compliant               

CHR approval # H11246-33229-01

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[03 Dec 2008|07:14pm]

Shaman's 2,700 year old marijuana stash found in China
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Intro survey & some questions. [23 Sep 2008|08:14pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Name: Jeanna

What interests you about ethnobotanicals? Right now, I'm mainly interested in legal highs. Kratom has recently piqued my interest.

Speaking of that, how did you find this community? I did an interest search for "kratom".

Hobbies? Digital art/photoshop, journaling, computer hardware/building computers, personality typology, analyzing myself and others, researching various topics on the internet (I can amuse myself for hours with this one), playing the game "Rock Band" on xbox 360 (I love singing), collecting massive amounts of fonts & photoshop brushes, listening to music

Favorite food: I love Mexican and Tex-Mex food - beef & cheese enchiladas in particular!

Any favorite books/music/movies? Books: I have a set of personality typology books that use a system called the "enneagram" that I am quite fond of (authored by Don Richard Riso). I read mostly non-fiction of the psychological and/or self help and new-age variety.

Music: Favourite genres are new wave, synth pop, dance/club music, and techno. I also like a lot of 80's pop and 80's freestyle. Depeche Mode is my all-time favourite band. Enigma is a close second.

Movies: Very strange, I know, but I'm actually not a huge movie fan. My favourite genres (according to Netflix) are Documentary, Drama, Faith/Spirituality, Gay/Lesbian, Independent, and Thrillers. My absolute favourite movie is "Basquiat". The movie is awesome, and has a great soundtrack, as well.

If you had a whole day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would you do? Hmmm.. well, first of all, I'd sleep in. I hardly ever get to, and I seem to never be able to get enough sleep. Then I'd go do some girly stuff, like get my hair cut/coloured, get my nails done, etc... maybe go shopping for some new clothes. After all that, I'd love to go hang out/read books for a couple of hours at a library or a bookstore. That evening I'd have dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant, and go out dancing with a few of my best girlfriends. =)

"Life is like a *fill in blank*" (No copying Forrest Gump!): Life is like a dream, as in, sometimes I don't feel real & it's hard to tell waking life from a dream state. I've been feeling this way quite often, lately. I hope this isn't a sign that I'm losing my marbles!

What's your favorite use for ethnobotanicals? (ie, in medicine, tripping, shamanism, etc): To date, I haven't used any ethnobotanicals, so I can't speak on what my favourite use for them are. I'm hoping to change that soon, though. I have to say that the spiritual experiences that I've heard some people discuss are extremely fascinating, to me.


Now for my questions. As I mentioned above, I am interested in trying Kratom. In various places on the internet, I have read that the effects of Kratom are much like opiates. In other places (mostly chronic pain management forums) I've read that Kratom produces no opiate-like euphoric effect - that it's only good for pain management and relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms. So, my question is, what are the true effects of Kratom? If anyone has any personal experiences, I'd love to hear them! I've read all the Kratom experiences on Erowid, but I would like to hear more from members of this community, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks in advance! =)

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salvia divinorum x 2 and the bi-confused [17 Aug 2008|02:05am]

there have been a few smokes, and a few bendy experiences before. this batch was different. salvia divinorum extract. much, much stronger. too strong.

1: I smoke it in a small pipe, first hit, nothing, second same, third goes from woozy into a complete lack of conscious awareness. as awareness returns i am facing death and a transition into the eternal. i want to make that breakthrough, but my anchor line and heart strings hold me back. there is no way i can pass through the gates into the formless realm without my girlfriend. my love for her pulls me back.

i have to physically extract myself from the trip, literally pulling my entire body out the experience. i'm soaking wet all over. in something resembling a birthing experience, i draw myself out of the framed mandala tangkha painting that hangs above the mantelpiece, back into my own body, which has remained static in the armchair. when i come to, i realise that the wet sensation is where i have sat dribbling all over my hands. these still neatly nestle the dead pipe.

2: a similar departure on the third toke. i'm alone in the apartment. much as you might hear somebody when you're asleep, i'm stirred by the sounds of my flatmate coming in and heading to his room. i remain undisturbed in the living room, but am somehow convinced that the way 'through' to the 'otherworld' has to be facilitated by sex. when i return to a fuzzy normal, i'm again aware of gloopy hands. i've unconsciously dug my fingers into a pot of vaseline that was sat on our dining table, and catch myself on the verge of smearing this up the crack of my ass. as the trip fades like a forgotten dream, i'm aware of myself crying that i would do this if it's what it takes, but that i really, really do not want it to be my housemate sodomizing me. anyone but him.

to try to put this into a completely honest perspective; i can easily imagine myself sucking a cock - i find that an erotic turn on. what turns me off is the thought of this cock being attached to another man. i'm straight, and never check out, dream about, nor desire guys. i do like my girlfriend playing with my ass when we have sex. and occasionally when i masturbate i might finger myself, but it's in a weird sort of sense of imagining myself fingering her, (or fantasising about doing so to other girls). (that and the fact that physically, it can really enhance the usual sensations of jerking off).

i've had homoerotic fantasies when tripping on mushrooms too. but i don't really like gay porn at all. the idea of actually being with a man, or even kissing a man revolts me. this may sound as if i'm sexually confused, perhaps under the influence of these substances - i am. in normal sober life though, there are no doubts nor questions.

a man i once met who runs shamanic dance workshops, told me that a lot of people who dance themselves into trance states experience a revelation in terms of discovering their 'internal' sexuality. in other words a straight man or woman can be 'internally' gay or bisexual. i'd like to find out more about this, but all of my internet browsing leads me to the wrong sorts of information. i do wonder if notions of an 'other' or possibly past lives might have anything to do with it.

...or.. if perhaps this might relate to the ecstatic union mythologised in hinduism and certain strands of buddhism? In other words the vesica piscis.

i've heard many relate their experiences of salvia divinorum as being lead by a feminine force, forest nymph or fairy. seems fitting. might it be that i experienced her desires through my own sense of being?
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New Member [18 Jul 2008|11:20pm]

- Korash (of course that's not my real name)

What interests you about ethnobotanicals?
-Chemistry, Biochemistry, Horticulture/Botany and Psychonautics.  No I'm not spiritual in a religious sense unless you want to use spiritual as a broader definition to define the relationship between body, mind and the universe.

Speaking of that, how did you find this community?
-clicked on "entheogens" in my lists of interests.

-Not many.

Favorite food:
-Not sure.

Any favorite books/music/movies?\
-PiHKAL & TiHKAL, Gigantic Brain, Akira...  That's an example of each.

If you had a whole day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
-It depends.

"Life is like a *fill in blank*" (No copying Forrest Gump!)
-long waste of time until you die.

What's your favorite use for ethnobotanicals? (ie, in medicine, tripping, shamanism, etc)
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New Member [06 Jul 2008|01:40pm]


What interests you about ethnobotanicals?
I think it has to do with the anthropological aspect of ethnobotanicals. I've never tried, nor am I interested, in legal highs, but I've grown many. I've read about many. This led me to a research team with cornell in the Dominican Republic. We ran around the country interviewing the locals and assaying various plant specimens. I was the "mushroom" guy. It was a very good experience. I joined a PhD program in Pharmacology at Vanderbilt, but had to leave eventually when the grant money didn't come in. In hindsight, this was a good thing. I had deviated from my original interests and landed in a pharmacology lab. I am now working in Texas at a major medical school pursuing a Master's in Public Health.

Speaking of that, how did you find this community?
I searched on LJ

Orchid Culture, Mycology, running, exercise, reading, Internet-ing

Favorite food:

Any favorite books/music/movies?
Books:Cocaine the Unauthorized Biography, White Rock, Anything by Gary Jennings, Popul Voh, Anything by Paul Farmer.
Movies: Primer, KungFu Panda, etc. I prefer biopics... I'm not too big on fiction.
Music: Oh jesus.... I could go on for days and I'd still leave stuff out.

If you had a whole day to yourself to do whatever you wanted, what would you do?
I have no idea... I'm usually so busy. I'd prolly take my fiance to a nice park or go look at orchid or mushroom farms.

"Life is like a *fill in blank*" (No copying Forrest Gump!)
kick to the balls......it doesn't always sound so great and sometimes it feels kind good.

What's your favorite use for ethnobotanicals? (ie, in medicine, tripping, shamanism, etc)
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Buying salvia plants, + leaves vs. extract [27 Jun 2008|12:59am]
Hey entheogen enthusiasts, I have two questions:

1) Where would you recommend buying salvia plants? I'm quite the green thumb, and one of the best experiences I've ever had was with salvia, so I'd like to try growing a plant or two, mostly to learn more about the growth of the plant itself. I do think it'd be pretty neat to feel the effects of something I'd raised myself though, so I'll most likely end up smoking/chewing clippings of it eventually. Where do you buy your cuttings/plants?

2) What's the difference between smoking the leaves and smoking 5x in your experiece? I've tried 5x, it was excellent, pronounced, fun, a bit visual. But I've been coming across very wildly varying answers as far as if plain leaves measure up to extract...what are your thoughts? I'm wondering what I should buy since one gram of 5x seems to be around the same price as one ounce of leaves on most sites. How much of the plain leaves do you normally chew/smoke to achieve roughly the same high as a 5x or 10x extract?

Thanks. Hope there's been a lot of sun in your summers so far.
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[25 Apr 2008|01:56pm]

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[25 Apr 2008|12:32am]

i've been given a Banisteriopsis caapi plant to take care of. and now there are little red ants on it... is it bad? will the ants harm the plant or help it? what should i do?
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Men hallucinate after eating fish [07 Dec 2007|09:30pm]

This news article is over a year old, but I missed it, and figured many of you probably did, too.

Has anyone ever heard of hallucinatory fish? Or a culture that makes use of them?

Men hallucinate after eating fish
Posted Wed April 19, 2006, 2:44 pm

Two men have suffered terrifying visual and auditory hallucinations after eating a popular local seafish in Mediterranean restaurants.

According to a clinical study on the patients, which is due to be published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, the men started seeing and hearing things after contracting a rare form of hallucinogenic poisoning from the Salema fish they were dining on.

[ . . . ]


Indoles, with similar chemical effects to LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) are believed to be responsible and may be consumed when the fish eat algae or phytoplankton containing the chemicals. All of the species effected by ichthyoallyeinotoxism are algal grazers.

Others have claimed that different species of ichthyoallyeinotoxic fishes, such as Kyphosus fuseus, contain much more potent hallucinogens, such as dimethyltryptamine or DMT, which is considered to be one of the world's most mind-bending hallucinogenic chemicals.

[ . . . ]
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syrian rue/maoi inhibitors/shrooms/puking problems [25 Oct 2007|01:31am]
Hey, I have a question involving the interaction of syrian rue as an maoi inhibitor with hallucinogenic shrooms. Mostly, I want to know if syrian rue/other maoi inhibitors cause nausea, and if so, what I can do to counteract the nausea.

So here's what happened: Last week I ate 3 grams of grinded syrian rue (supposedly, it's an maoi inhibitor and makes booming more intense), followed by 3 grams of golden teacher/amazonian shrooms 30 minutes later. About 20 minutes after that...I puked four times. Purposely, I had been eating very little, and nothing with tyramine in it, for the past 12-24 hours. So what is it that made me puke? The syrian rue? The shrooms? The fact that my stomach was empty and so the substances "shocked" my stomach? I tripped haaaard and hallucinated bigtime, so I'd still like to use the syrian rue (which I felt working 15 minutes after eating it), even though it was gross as fuck and just looking at it later made me feel sick. Will eating more food help keep nausea down, or just give me more material to puke up when I do it again? I felt fairly nauseated (even though my mind was still in heaven) for a few hours into the trip...but I don't have a weak stomach when it comes to liquor.

Both substances I got from a trusted source, who didn't puke when he used them. Last week was a test run...I'm doing it with a friend who's wanted to trip with me for a long time this Friday, so it'd be great if I could find out what made me upchuck so violently before then. Thanks.

I'm new to this community so here's something of an introduction.Collapse )
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a little fun in the desert [01 Sep 2007|02:14pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Time for some good ol' Blue Lotus Stamens. Being in Kuwait for the past 6 months has made coffe the best high around and I miss sipping on tea of the pleasant Lily of the Nile alkaloids. I recommend them if you have never tried it before. I have been quite creative in my past 4 years in the military to relax. I have however, had enough morning glory seeds to last me forever!!! Worth a try at least once I have to say, especially with a little Nitrous Oxide whip cream charger to kick the trip off.

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kratom [19 Aug 2007|01:14am]

anyone have a favorite supplier for kratom? i know one person reccomended kratom king. ingestion suggestions? dosage?i will be trying it for my first time. i have of course already looked at erowid (and wikipedia).
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[20 May 2007|10:26am]

hiCollapse )
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[26 Apr 2007|10:48am]

Hi everyone

Hope this kind of post is allowed here, otherwise just let me know, or delete it!

I'm looking for people in Brighton and the South-East (of the UK, that is) who use any kind of legal high – I'm especially interested in experiences with salvia but it could be anything.  I'm making a documentary film about the whole scene and I'm looking for people who are willing to contribute!  You could be a regular user or just occasional, you could have had good or bad experiences – it doesn't matter.  Obviously you'd have to be willing to speak on camera, but if you are then get in touch and it should be a good experience for you, I have absolutely no agenda or angle, I just want to hear people's stories.

If you'd like to get involved, please drop me a line at wwidsith@yahoo.co.uk


(I'll probably cross-post this to a few different groups)
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Ayahuasca [06 Apr 2007|05:51pm]


I'm very interested in people's experience with Ayahuasca - what works, what  doesn't. The work that I've done has resulted in some very calm and soothing states - but nothing like what, for example, Terrance Mckenna describes. I'm also interested in experiences of people who regulalry take MAOI medications.

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